This Week in the NBA: Giannis Antetokounmpo freak out, Michael Jordan can’t guard Anthony Edwards and more

Did you miss the best memes, viral moments and jokes about the NBA this week? We’ve got you covered in this series that runs every Friday.

We’re recapping the funniest things that happened in the weird, wonderful world of the very online NBA community. There was plenty of drama this week, so let’s dive in. 

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Giannis Antetokounmpo’s public freakout

The Bucks and Pacers are developing a nice rivalry. It started when the Pacers knocked the Bucks out of the In-Season Tournament Quarterfinals, and the rematch on Wednesday provided some nice spiciness.

Giannis scored a career-high 64 points in the win, which when adjusted to Pacers inflation ends up at around 25. He then freaked out when he thought that the Pacers wouldn’t give him the game ball. 

In case you think Giannis’ behavior was considered normal in NBA circles, it was most certainly not. 

The Pacers said that they wanted the ball for rookie Oscar Tshiebwe, who scored his first (and only) NBA point in the game. Tschiebwe ended up getting a replica ball, although Giannis still thinks that the Pacers might have pulled a switcheroo. 

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The Warriors are cooked

This might be the end of the Warriors’ dynasty. They’ve lost 12 of their last 16, moved Andrew Wiggins to the bench and closed games without Klay Thompson.

At 10-14, you can’t even find them in the standings. 

The Warriors are taking Ls on the court and off it. After Steve Kerr complained about how the Suns’ arena was like a South Beach club with all the loud music playing, the Suns’ DJ trolled him with a custom mashup. 

Kerr had a good attitude about it, wearing a pair of headphones to their next meeting.

Draymond Green memes

NBA players’ mixtapes on TikTok have been going viral lately. The meme started from Secret Base’s Kofie, who tweeted that “TikTok is great because you could just be scrolling and then get shown Ben Wallace X MF DOOM highlights.” 

The replies to that tweet have been gold, as have been the videos that have spawned off the idea. Draymond Green has his own slew of them, and they’re what you’d expect.

There were plenty of Draymond jokes to be had all week.

Jason Concepcion (whose Emmy Award-winning series NBA Desktop is an inspiration for this column) had this to say: 

When corporate promotions go wrong

The Pistons have been mired in a 21-game losing streak, which is unexpectedly saving Wingstop a ton of money.

This promotion probably didn’t go quite as corporate had planned and Wingstop looks to be distancing themselves from the Pistons.

Like, literally moving as far back as possible. 

Pistons fans are using dark humor to deal with the season.

As a Bulls fan, I can relate. We laugh so that we don’t cry.

Nobody likes your fake trades

December 15 marks the unofficial start of NBA trade season. It’s the date when many of the league’s newly signed contracts can be moved. 

That means that the trade machine kicks into high gear, particularly with media members. CBS Sports’ Sam Quinn, a favorite of one of our staffers, came up with a doozy that was roundly shut down by Mavs Twitter and another unlikely source. 

Add one more rejection to Dereck Lively’s season total. 

Anthony Edwards has all the swag

Ant’s personality is what makes him such an endearing character. In an interview with Complex, he opined that he was nowhere near Michael Jordan, then almost immediately followed up with a declaration that Jordan wouldn’t be able to guard him.  

My favorite part of the interview, though, came when he revealed his policy on buying fancy jewelry. 

Warning: The video below contains NSFW language.

As a fellow cheap guy, I’m 100 percent with Ant here. 

The Poole Patrol

It wouldn’t be a This Week in the NBA without some Wizards content. Jordan Poole did have a notable brick, but we’re giving him a break in favor of his teammate Kyle Kuzma. 

Poole does get a shout-out in the joke of the week, by NBA Twitter king Sreekar. 

This has been your Week in the NBA. 

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