Shaquille O’Neal cereal video: ‘Inside the NBA’ host celebrates Suns’ Bol Bol with cereal, hot tea

Bol Bol has never had a bigger fan in the media world than Inside the NBA’s Shaquille O’Neal.

The Basketball Hall of Famer has been an avid proponent of the Suns youngster, even as he has straddled between burgeoning prospect and scarcely played role player throughout his five-year career.

At 24, Bol is finally starting to find the consistency that eluded him during the early portions of his career, and after a standout first-half showing in Phoenix’s clash with the Celtics, let’s just say that O’Neal was perhaps his most vocal supporter.

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Shaq celebrates Bol Bol: Why did ‘Inside the NBA’ host eat cereal with hot tea?

Speaking on “Inside the NBA” — the Suns-Celtics duel aired as the early game on TNT’s Thursday slate — O’Neal looked like a proud mentor as he gushed at Bol’s impressive first-half display. Bol racked up 10 points on 4-of-4 shooting during the Suns’ opening 24 minutes, looking every bit like the languid phenom who looked on the precipice of stardom during his days at Oregon.

In fact, O’Neal got caught up in the frenzy, filling his beak with a giant bowl of various cereals and…hot tea.

“We gon’ talk about my boy Bol Bol,” O’Neal said as he poured Apple Jacks, Rice Krispies, and Corn Pops into a glass vessel.

O’Neal didn’t have milk at his disposal, so he picked the next best thing he could find: tea. His co-anchors looked on in horror as he swirled the murky substance back-and-forth, and, as they pointed out, the joke would’ve worked better if he had two bowls to honor Bol Bol.

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“Bol Bol, baby,” O’Neal yelled in delight.

Shaq’s love of Bol has been a running joke on Inside the NBA ever since he compared Spurs rookie Victor Wembanyama to Bol earlier in the season.

O’Neal offered a more clear-headed assessment of Bol’s showcase after getting his sugar fix in. He coached the five-year veteran back when he was a tot. As such, he knew the lanky talent had the skillset to succeed in some capacity in the big leagues.

“I’m so happy for Bol Bol,” O’Neal said. “…Like I’ve been saying before, he’s the first 7-5 guy to be able to do everything. I know y’all talk about Victor Wembanyama…but Bol Bol has this ability.”

It seems Shaq has Bol Bol’s back like JanSport. For Suns fans across the globe, that has to be a good omen.

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