PFL World Championship Finals 2023 updated bracket, playoffs results, full schedule & more

It has been a long journey for several fighters since the 2023 season of the Professional Fighters League began in April. There have been several upsets and big knockout wins. New champions look to be crowned, while former champions are ready to repeat at the World Championships Finals on November 24. The finals will air on ESPN+ PPV in the U.S. and DAZN in the U.K. 

The PFL format can be exhausting, as fighters engage in multiple training camps in just a few months. However, the reward of being called the top fighter in a division is worth it. Competitors prove their toughness via a point system by giving it their all. If not, they go home with a loss. The format has resulted in fights ending rather quickly.

“You can determine your own destiny by getting [into the playoffs],” former fighter and PFL broadcaster Kenny Florian told Yahoo Sports. “You do it by doing the things you’re supposed to do: Winning and then winning impressively. You get more points for winning impressively, so that’s important. Sometimes [in other MMA organizations], you can have a great performance and still [don’t] get the fight that you want.”

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Fights could be one-sided, but it is how they get seeded. PFL founder Donn Davis compared it to March Madness, with upsets, blowouts, and dramatic moments all part of the process. The mentioned ingredients resulted in a competitive and unique season.

An example of a Cinderella Story, like March Madness, in the PFL was Larissa Pacheco beating Kayla Harrison last season after going 0-2 against her. The featherweight winner of 2022, Brendan Loughnane, was knocked out of the playoffs by the king of upsets in Jesus Pinedo. 

How exactly did the fighters who made it to the finals earn their way into it? Here’s a full breakdown of the brackets that had the competitors going from entry to being one win away from $1 million. 

How the PFL format works 

The PFL uses a points system, with wins in a certain round resulting in a certain number of points. The points system of the PFL is based on the round of the fight. A fighter is awarded three points for a win, with a loss worth zero points. If a fighter wins in the first round, they are awarded three extra points. A round-two finish will earn them two extra points, and one point is awarded for a round-three finish.

A fighter can earn six points in one night if the bout ends in the first round.

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Following six regular-season fight cards, the playoffs begin. Whoever advances makes it to the finals, with the winner taking home the championship title from their division and $1 million.

PFL 2023 Regular Season Standings

PFL 2023 Featherweight Standings

Fighter/Record Points
Bubba Jenkins (2-0) (Y) 9
Gabriel Braga (2-0) (X) 9
Movlid Khaybulaev (2-0) (X) 8
Jesus Pinedo (1-1) (X) 6

PFL 2023 Women’s Featherweight Standings

Fighter/Record Points
Larissa Pacheco (2-0) (Y) 9
Marina Mokhnatkina (1-0) (X) 8
Amber Leibrock (1-0) (X) 6
Olena Kolesnyk (2-0) (X) 5

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PFL 2023 Lightweight Standings

Fighter/Record Points
Clay Collard (2-0) (Y)  8
Olivier Aubin-Mercier (2-0) (X) 7
Bruno Miranda (2-0) (X) 6
Shane Burgos (1-1) (X)


PFL 2023 Welterweight Standings

Fighter/Record Points
Magomed Magomedkerimov (2-0) (Y) 12
Carlos Leal (2-0) (X) 11
Sadibou Sy (2-0) (X) 9
Magomed Umalatov (2-0) (X) 9

PFL 2023 Light Heavyweight Standings

Fighter/Record Points
Josh Silveira (2-0) (Y) 12
Marthin Hamlet (2-0) (X) 9
Impa Kasanganay (1-0) (X) 5
Ty Flores (2-0) (X) 5

PFL 2023 Heavyweight Standings

Fighter/Record Points
Denis Goltsov (2-0) (Y) 12
Renan Ferreira (2-0) (X) 9
Marcelo Nunes (1-1) (X) 6
Jordan Heiderman (1-0) (X) 6

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PFL Playoffs 2023 Season Standings

PFL 2023 Playoffs Featherweight Standings

Fighter/Record Advanced 
Gabriel Braga (3-0) Y
Jesus Pinedo (2-1) Y
Chris Wade (1-2) N
Bubba Jenkins (2-1) N

PFL 2023 Playoffs Women’s Featherweight Standings

Fighter/Record Advanced 
Larissa Pacheco (3-0) Y
Marina Mokhnatkina (3-0) Y
Amber Leibrock (1-2) N
Olena Kolesnyk (2-1) N

PFL 2023 Playoffs Lightweight Standings

Fighter/Record Advanced 
Clay Collard (3-0) Y
Olivier Aubin-Mercier (3-0) Y
Bruno Miranda (2-1) N
Shane Burgos (1-2) N

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PFL 2023 Playoffs Welterweight Standings

Fighter/Record Advanced 
Magomed Magomedkerimov (3-0) Y
Sadibou Sy (3-0) Y
Carlos Leal (2-1) N
Solomon Renfro (1-1) N

PFL 2023 Playoffs Light Heavyweight Standings

Fighter/Record Advanced 
Josh Silveira (3-0) Y

Impa Kasanganay (3-0)

Marthin Hamlet (2-1) N
Ty Flores (2-1) N

PFL 2023 Playoffs Heavyweight Standings

Fighter/Record Advanced 
Denis Goltsov (3-0) Y
Renan Ferreira (3-0) Y
Maurice Greene (1-2) N
Jordan Heiderman (1-1) N

2023 PFL World Championship Finals fight card

Main card

  • Olivier Aubin-Mercier vs. Clay Collard; PFL Lightweight Finals
  • Denis Goltsov vs. Renan Ferreira; PFL Heavyweight Finals
  • Josh Silveira vs. Impa Kasanganay; PFL Light Heavyweight Finals
  • Larissa Pacheco vs. Marina Mokhnatkina; PFL Featherweight Finals
  • Sadibou Sy vs. Magomed Magomedkerimov; PFL Welterweight Finals
  • Kayla Harrison vs. Julia Budd; Featherweights
  • Ray Cooper III vs. Derek Brunson; Middleweights


  • Jesus Pinedo vs. Gabriel Braga; PFL Featherweight Finals
  • Biaggio Ali Walsh vs. Joel Lopez; Lightweight amateur bout
  • Bubba Jenkins vs. Chris Wade; Featherweights
  • Khai Wu vs. Phil Caracappa; Bantamweights
  • Jesse Stirn vs. Josh Blyden; Featherweights
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