Chet Holmgren’s Kevin Durant quote, explained: Decoding the confusing ‘treball,’ ‘odee’ and ‘hang pull’ definitions

At age 35, Kevin Durant is out to an incredible start to the season. Among those impressed by his feats is 21-year-old Chet Holmgren.

Through his first 14 games, Durant is averaging an efficient 31.4 points to go along with 7.0 rebounds and 5.7 assists.  Durant’s numbers are so impressive that the well-known NBA X account Legion Hoops dedicated a post to the two-time Finals MVP on Tuesday, sharing it with its near-750,000 followers.

Apparently, Holmgren is among that number, as the confusing nature of his response to the post quickly made the rounds among NBA X users.

“54 from treball is odee shooting hang pulls,” Holmgren posted, seemingly in awe of Durant’s play.

What exactly did Holmgren mean? Let us decode “54 from treball is odee shooting hang pulls” for you.

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What does treball mean?

Treball is in reference to shots from 3-point range.

This is possibly the most straightforward part of Holmgren’s response, as 3-pointers are often referred to as “treys” or “trey balls.” At the time of the original post, Durant is mentioned as shooting 54 percent from 3-point range.

Thus, “54 from treball” can be translated to mean “shooting 54 percent from 3-point range.”

What does odee mean?

Odee is a way to say “very” or “a lot.”

While often used as an adverb or adjective, odee can also be used in this instance to indicate that whatever is being described is at a level that is near impossible to reach. Based on context, odee can be used when something is positive or negative; in this instance, it is certainly from a positive place of being impressed.

To continue the translation, Holmgren is saying “shooting 54 percent from 3-point range is extremely impressive and nearly impossible to do.”

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What are hang pulls?

A hang pull refers to the pull-up 3-pointers that Durant tends to go to in isolation.

The hang aspect is when Durant picks up his dribble and “hangs” the ball as he hesitates before beginning his jumper. The “pull” is the pull-up jumper that Durant shoots, like such:

In this instance, Holmgren specifies that Durant shoots these types of 3s because it makes it all the more impressive that he efficiently connects on a shot that is difficult for most players.

To bring it all together, here is a loose translation of what Holmgren had to say: “Shooting 54 percent from 3-point range is extremely impressive and nearly impossible to do, especially when shooting a high volume of hesitation pull-up 3s.”

Or, in other words, “54 from treball is odee shooting hang pulls.”

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