Anthony Joshua vs Francis Ngannou results, highlights as AJ obliterates The Predator with brutal KO

Anthony Joshua wrought knockout chaos upon Francis Ngannou, obliterating the crossover MMA superstar on his second visit to a boxing ring with a second-round knockout.

Ngannou shocked the world when he floored undefeated WBC champion Tyson Fury in his boxing debut last October. A slot opened up to face Joshua when Deontay Wilder was beaten by Joseph Parker in December.

Parker defeated Zhilei Zhang in the co-main event Friday, going a sometimes arduous 12 rounds. By contrast, Joshua got his work done in quick time, putting himself in position to face the winner of May’s undisputed showdown between Fury and Oleksandr Usyk.

Ngannou started out well, landing his long left hook, but a switch to southpaw showed a touch of overconfidence. Joshua detonated a huge right hand to send him crashing to the canvas towards the end of round one.

Joshua wasted no time in closing the show, clattering Ngannou with his backhand after jabbing to body and head. The former UFC heavyweight champion rose only to be brutally dispatched by a single, chilling right hand that left him out cold.

WATCH: Anthony Joshua vs. Francis Ngannou, exclusively live on DAZN |MORE: Full card schedule and results from Joshua vs. Ngannou

In the immediate aftermath, Joshua’s celebrations were muted out of concern for Ngannou, with Fury among those at ringside applauding his longtime rival’s work. 

Ngannou was soon helped unsteadily to his stool and later shared a chat in the ring with Joshua, who implored his beaten foe not to leave boxing. But after Ngannou’s swaggering debut, the heavy dose of shuddering reality he received from Joshua’s fists might give him pause.

Anthony Joshua vs. Francis Ngannou live updates, highlights, and commentary

Anthony Joshua vs. Francis Ngannou: SN live scorecard

Round 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Total
Joshua 10 KO                  
Ngannou 8                    

3:39 a.m. AST/ 7:39 p.m. ET: Joshua and Ngannou are sharing some words now. I’m not entirely sure Ngannou knows where he is. “Don’t leave boxing,” AJ tells Francis and his coach Dewey Cooper.

3:36 a.m. AST/ 7:36 p.m. ET: Relief now as Ngannou get to his feet and is helped back to his stool. That was brutally, brutally destructive from Anthony Joshua, who is taking Ronaldo’s acclaim at ringside.

Round 2: Joshua’s feints are messing with Ngannou, who funnily enough hasn’t gone back to southpaw.  A winging right hand from Joshua to the jaw. Joshua jabs to the body, jabs to the head, Ngannou goes after him and he’s down heavily again. He gets up to continue. ONE PUNCH KNOCKOUT FROM JOSHUA, NGANNOU OUT COLD!

Round 1: Joshua starts with a lazy jab to the body and Ngannou gets home a long left hook. Good evening! Nice jab from Ngannou. Looking for the left hook and then a right to the body. Confident start from the man we still have to call a rookie. Joshua blocks an Ngannou right with his gloves. Ngannou switches to southpaw. DOWN GOES NGANNOU, BIG RIGHT FROM JOSHUA!!! Ngannou hurt but Joshua gets caught with a left hook coming in. Andy Ruiz flashbacks anyone? Reasonably eventful opener!

SN unofficial scorecard: Joshua 10-8 Ngannou

3:23 a.m. AST/ 7:23 p.m. ET: The two main men are here. Joshua resplendent in a white robe. A little over four months on from his first boxing bout against Tyson Fury, Francis Ngannou is about to face Anthony Joshua. It still looks absolutely ridiculous written down. Let’s get ready to rumble, as Michael Buffer is about to say.

3:16 a.m. AST/ 7:16 p.m. ET: Here we go then, time for some “Knockout Chaos”. Four knockdowns in those past two distance fights. You sense Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou will not be needing the judges. The Predator heading from his dressing room to the ring, looking all business. 

Joseph Parker defeats Zhilei Zhang by majority decision!

And so, to the scorecards. We have a 113-113. Then 114-112 and 115-111 to Parker!!! What a few months for Parker, who has beaten Wilder, beaten Zhang and turned his career around. Zhang had the power but not the stamina. Incredible guts from Parker, who has more big nights ahead of him. He talks about a contracted rematch. I’m not entirely sure there’ll be too much wider appetite for that.

Round 12: Zhang’s corner tell him he needs a knockout. I have him getting a draw if he stays upright but that feels like the absolutely best outcome. Parker looks so much sharper despite being decked twice. The 12th is his, in part because Zhang has basically stopped throwing punches. I’ve scored this one 113-113 too, just like Vargas vs. Ball. Funny old game. But if there’s a winner it’s Parker. Casting an eye back over my card, the fourth could have gone either way. I gave it to Zhang but if that’s a Parker round…

SN unofficial scorecard: Zhang 113-113 Parker

Round 11: This is lovely from Parker. Good feet, feints, movement, different levels to his punches. Zhang looks shattered. He lands a left to the body but he’s breathing so heavily. Easy work for Parker, perhaps his most commanding session of the fight. This is up for grabs going into the last.

SN unofficial scorecard: Zhang 104-103 Parker

Round 10: Parker is winning another round. The one-two is working. Is this about the time he gets tagged again? Zhang doesn’t often box in the championship rounds and when he does he doesn’t really appear to be built for them. Big Bang get off one solid right but that’s about it. It remains a high wire act for Parker because another big left and this one is probably beyond him.

SN unofficial scorecard: Zhang 95-93 Parker

Round 9: Zhang celebrating another knockdown by doing not very much at all. Hang on, there’s the left, snapping Parker’s head back. Some nice shots through the guard from Parker. Zhang looks to the body, Parker responds by booking a right upstairs. A gutsy round from the Kiwi.

SN unofficial scorecard: Zhang 86-83 Parker

Round 8: Big right from Parker. Zhang looked like he felt that. His stamina has been suspect in the past and the New Zealander might just have his 40-year-old opponent where he wants him. But not he doesn’t because down goes Parker again!!! A chopping lead right hook forces Joe onto a knee. Zhang is so heavy-handed. “Don’t get stuck down there!” Lee implores as his man dices close to Zhang’s dangerous fists. A couple of telling right hands to close the session but Parker has dropped another 10-8 round just as he was turning the fight around.

SN unofficial scorecard: Zhang 77-73 Parker

Round 7: Zhang paws with the jaw and Parker times a right over the top. Big Bang belatedly tries a combination, Parker catches him low on the blindside of the referee. Back to work and Parker is in a nice rhythm now, although Zhang lumps in another of his lefts to temper undue enthusiasm. Nice one-two from Parker, he’s also throwing well to the body. 

SN unofficial scorecard: Zhang 67-65 Parker

Round 6: Parker’s corner really have done an excellent job to stem the flow of blood. He’s much busier than a spectacularly unbusy foe. It’s been a curious approach from Zhang since the knockdown. Nothing much to report in that round but it goes to Parker.

SN unofficial scorecard: Zhang 58-55 Parker

Round 5: Andy Lee in Parker’s corner tells his man not to load up on everything. They want to take this long, but that nose might be an issue. Both men just off targets with rights. That looked a bit like loading up to me, Joseph! Zhang with a right hook but the volume is coming from his opponent right now. A right and now a left to the temple. Zhang looking confident in his power to the extent he’s more or less stopped throwing. A bold strategy, but he has a handy early lead/

SN unofficial scorecard: Zhang 49-45 Parker

Round 4: Parker bleeding badly from the nose. Thwack! There’s that Zhang left again. Parker looks to fire back but he’s feeling that left every time he’s touched with it. By his own plodding standards, Zhang has a spring and a swagger in his step. Oh but back comes Parker with a right hook the chin. Zhang is wobbled! He responds with a left, drawing more blood. That nose is a complete mess. Parker lands low and apologises immediately.

SN unofficial scorecard: Zhang 40-35 Parker

Round 3: Parker with right hands to head and body. He gets success from upping the tempo a little before Zhang fires back and ties him up.  Parker jabs to the body, looks for it again and bang! Big bang! Parker is down from a textbook straight left! Right on his backside, beautifully timed. He’s back up and has 30 seconds of the round to survive. Another left and an uppercut before from bell from Zhang and Parker’s best round of the fight so far has completely unravelled. 

SN unofficial scorecard: Zhang 30-26 Parker

Round 2: Parker steps back to take the sting out of a Zhang left but it’s a scoring shot. The New Zealand lands an overhand right to the chest, which handily underlines Zhang’s dimensions. Oh, a clipping right hook from Zhang seems to wobble Parker slightly. He responds with a whipping left but is manoeuvred into the corner by Zhang. 

SN unofficial scorecard: Zhang 20-18 Parker

Round 1: Zhang into his work and controlling centre-ring. Pawing with the jab to unleash his big left. One just misses the target and Parker pings back with his right. Zhang to the jab, Parker looks to the body. 

SN unofficial scorecard: Zhang 10-9 Parker

2:02 a.m. AST/ 6:02 p.m. ET: Parker is in the ring and here comes almost 300 lbs of southpaw heft in the form of Zhang. Ring walking to Queen’s “We Will Rock You”. If he lands that sledgehammer left with any frequency, you can be sure of that.

1:55 a.m. AST/ 5:55 p.m. ET: We’re approaching 2 a.m. local time. It’s going to be a late onem with our co-main event up next. Joseph Parker, even though he is a former WBO champion, returns to the scene of his defining triumph, having comfortably beaten the feared Deontay Wilder in Riyadh in December. He’s the reason Francis Ngannou and not Wilder is fighting Joshua in the main event. This time last year, it would have been impossible to imagine all these heavyweight-dominated cards in Saudi without Joe Joyce involved. Then Zhilei Zhang beat him before flattening him in the rematch. The Chinese giant will be looking to do the same to Parker in a short while.

1:36 a.m. AST/ 5:36 p.m. ET: Vargas says that he came to Ball’s “back yard”, which isn’t quite right. Riyadh is an awfully long way from Liverpool. He also says “the authorities” were against him which, again, kind of ignores how an over-zealous ref might have helped him out. It’s not a great interview until Vargas says he will give Ball a rematch. Don’t bank on that being in Liverpool!

Rey Vargas and Nick Ball fight to split-decision draw. Vargas retains his WBC featherweight title

Here go then. 114-112 for Vargas. 116-110 for Ball. And… 113-113 we have a split decision draw! Ball will feel hard done by after the two knockdowns, with Vargas mightily relieved. Some overly fussy work from the referee arguably did the Mexican one or two favours. I can’t really complain, given I agreed with the third judge. An enthralling fight of two halves.

Round 12: The fighters are asked to touch gloves at the start of round 12. They both look furious with one another. A Vargas combination gets through. He’s going to have to be busier, but he’s a wounded fighter. Ball looks for a winging right. A minute and a half to go in an unexpectedly uneventful round so far. The right to the body from Vargas. Hello, old friend! Ball with a jolting left hook just before the bell, however I make that Vargas round to pull a draw out of the fire

SN unofficial scorecard: Vargas 113-113 Ball

Round 11: Whipping shots from Ball on the inside. There’s some quality in response at range from Vargas, but it’s not dissuading Ball’s ravenous, tenacious offence. DOWN GOES VARGAS AGAIN!!!! Another scruffy and scrappy one – left hook following up with a right hand – but surely now Ball is three minutes from glory.

SN unofficial scorecard: Vargas 103-104 Ball

Round 10: This time it’s the left hook that make a dent for Ball, he follows up with right hand. Ooof, where’s Vargas found that body shot from? Briefly it looked to take the wind from Ball, who then takes a left hook downstairs. Ball swings for the fences with a left hook and just misses. That would have been goodnight. Relentless pressure. This is up for grabs.

SN unofficial scorecard: Vargas 95-94 Ball

Round 9: Vargas is flagging, he has his chin in the air but he still has those body shots. He’s faded down the stretch in the recent fights and Nick Ball is on a mission. The champ finds a nicely time right hand to brief stop the challenger in his tracks. Only briefly, mind. Another chopping right from Vargas as Ball comes in. Still he keeps coming. Tough to split them in this round but perhaps Ball nicks it at the last with a left to the temple that seems to momentarily disorganise Vargas once more.

SN unofficial scorecard: Vargas 86-84 Ball

Round 8: Vargas really needs to get his left lead back into play to dissuade Ball. Winging hooks from the challenger now look like a solid strategy with less coming back. Vargas finds a couple of body shots when he needs them. He’s on the floor again. Again no knockdown. But now there is a knockdown! The bell sounds but that’s a 10-8 round to Ball! As they come out of a clinch Ball rags his man around and sends him down with a left hook. Vargas spits his gum shield and boots it into the crowd.

SN unofficial scorecard: Vargas 77-74 Ball

Round 7: The referee has words with Ball for roughhousing again. Finally the champion has some success upstairs by the ropes. He’ll like to see Vargas moaning to the ref too. Now a left hook gets through and a huge right from ball wobbles Vargas badly!!!! The champion goes down, no knockdown. Ball scents blood, a minute to go in the round. Shuddering left hook from Ball! What a turnaround this would be. Vargas fights fire with fire. Ball stalks with a big more composure, menacing. Vargas tries to tie him up. He’s going to make the bell but how much has that taken out of him. Oh! As the bell sounds, Vargas goes in for some afters and the referee has to separate them. A cynic would say he’s trying to buy some time.

SN unofficial scorecard: Vargas 69-64 Ball

Round 6: Lovely right from Vargas, who again drops down to the body. Oh, well that one’s too low. The referee has a word. Ball, understandably, isn’t delighted and looks to unload on the ropes. This is heating up now. A shuddering right catches ball coming in and Vargas ties him up. The champion again drops to the canvas from a Ball shove before again scoring to the midsection. Vargas on a knee again. This is a bit ridiculous and the referee should have words. As it is, Ball is irritated and losing rounds.

SN unofficial scorecard: Vargas 60-54 Ball

Round 5: Moree of Vargas’ rapier lefts appear to be getting through Ball’s high guard. Now he takes a left hook coming in. Ball gets in one of his own and now they exchange left hooks. Vargas doesn’t really need to be dallying on the inside like that. Ohh, another meaty right to the body from Vargas after he skipped away from Ball.

SN unofficial scorecard: Vargas 50-45 Ball

Round 4: It’s just all a bit too crude from Ball. Vargas is reading the attacks and increasingly putting combinations together in response. Hmmm, that’s weird. Ball was finally laying on some heavy shots through the middle… and the referee came in to break them. Vargas ends on the front foot to take another round. But Ball will have noted his brief moment of discomfort.

SN unofficial scorecard: Vargas 40-36 Ball

Round 3: Ball is absolutely not overawed and he throws Vargas to the canvas, judo style. He gets stern talking to from the referee. When we return to the Queensberry Rules he’s struggling to make a similar impression. Vargas, unhurried by Ball’s whirling dervish act, lands to the body from both wings. The challenger just off target with a big left hook but manages to get a couple home upstairs before Vargas responds with a crisp upcut. A flurry to finish for the champion and another round banked.

SN unofficial scorecard: Vargas 30-27 Ball

Round 2: Even though he’s towering over his foe, Vargas likes bringing through the right hand to the body to keep Ball at bay. The Englishman finally manages to get inside the champion’s pipe-cleaner arms and lads a left on the inside. Lovely Vargas right to the body again. 

SN unofficial scorecard: Vargas 20-18 Ball

Round 1: Ball looks to start fast but Vargas has his measure in the early exchanges. The Mexican boxing well off the back foot and at times it looks like Ball’s first step up to the elite level. Which is fine because it is.

SN unofficial scorecard: Vargas 10-9 Ball

00:36 a.m. AST/ 4:36 p.m. ET: The fighters are in the ring. On commentary for DAZN, former middleweight world champion just accidentally called Ball “Nick Brawl”. That might just be what he’s got to do. Look for the diminutive Englishman to bang away at the rangy Vargas’ body whenever he gets a chance. If the styles gel, we’re in for fireworks.

00:30 a.m. AST/ 4:30 p.m. ET: Anthony Joshua is in the building at the Kingdom Arena. There are just two fights to go before our main event and the next one might just steal the show. Esteemed Mexican world champion Rey Vargas is back down at featherweight to defend his WBC title against undefeated Liverpudlian threshing machine Nick Ball. Don’t take your eyes off this one.

00:12 a.m. AST/ 4:12 p.m. ET: It’s been almost five-and-a-half years since Madrimov turned professional to great fanfare and it’s been a frustrating ride at times, but this was a star-making display. He went into the bout as the favourite but comprehensively outboxed an unbeaten opponent before closing the show in style. And that’s before we consider him breaking into celebratory somersaults. Some man. Promoter Eddie Hearn has name-checked Terence Crawford and Tim Tszyu as future opponents for a man he wants to clean out the 154 lbs division.

Israil Madrimov beats Magomed Kurbanov by 5th round TKO to win WBA super welterweight title

Round 5: A right hand from Madrimov has Kurbanov back on his heels. And overhand right persuades Madrimov to wade in as his foe covers up. Wonderful variety as he scythes a left hook to the midsection, and back upstairs. Kurbanov is hurt! Madrimov covers up on the ropes after another monster right. He’s got to throw back. He hasn’t and the referee steps in. Israil Madrimov is the WBA super welterweight champion! A career-best performance from “The Dream” and what a time to produce it

Round 4: Madrimov’s trainer Joel Diaz put a bit of a fire under his man in the corner just then, demanding more work. That doesn’t sound ideal if you’re in the Kurbanov business. Hands a good right as the Uzbek comes in, but he needs more than single shots to make this competitive. At least there’s some more authority from the jab. Decent back-and-forth action. Kurbanov having to work very hard to match Madrimov in these exchanges but he might just have nicked that round, even allowing for taking a right on the bell.

SN unofficial scorecard: Madrimov 39-37 Kurbanov

Round 3: Kurbanov looks to sink a left to the body. He needs to break Madrimov’s rhythm and shipping a rat-a-tat combination won’t help. Now the Uzbek soaks up a Kurbanov attack and sends him on his way with a left hook to the jaw. There’s the overhand right, another weapon he seems keen to draw at every opportunity. Kurbanov’s jab lacking conviction and as a result he can’t get into range.

SN unofficial scorecard: Madrimov 30-27 Kurbanov

Round 2: Madrimov jabs to the body and then clips Kurbaov’s chin with a follow-up hook. That’s dreamy work in line with his nickname. An overhand right grazes Kurbanov. If that had connected at full force there could have been problems. Madrimov not turns a jab into a left hook. The feet and variety are exceptional and Kurbanov needs to switch things up or he might be in for a long night.

SN unofficial scorecard: Madrimov 20-18 Kurbanov

Round 1: A cagey opener, with nothing especially telling landed until Madrimov brings home a right hand upstairs with 30 seconds remaining. And another. It’s all been set up by wonderful fluency and variety off the jab. Against such an accomplished performer, Kurbanov’s left hand looks perilously low.

SN unofficial scorecardMadrimov 10-9 Kurbanov

11:45 p.m. AST/ 3:45 p.m. ET: Madrimov and Kurbanov are in the ring. I like the Uzbek former amateur standout in this one, but it could make for an intriguing clash of styles. Let’s take it round-by-round…

11:30 p.m. AST/ 3:30 p.m. ET: We’re about to head into the section of the card boasting world title action, with Israil Madrimov and Magomed Kurbanov tangling for the vacant WBA super welterweight title after Jermell Charlo was named ‘champion in recess’. This one almost didn’t happen at all when Madrimov’s pre-fight medical returned an anomaly. He was tested again and cleared to fight. Both fighters bring unbeaten records into the ring, although Kurbanov (25-0) has never previously boxed outside of his native Russia.

11:10 p.m. AST/ 3:10 p.m. ETEmphatic stuff from Mark Chamberlain who stops Gavin Gwynne with 20 seconds remaining in four four. Gwynne suffered an eye injury during the opener that quickly became gruesomely swollen. That only added to the problems that the Welshman was having with Chamberlain’s all-action southpaw style. It’s safe to say he’ll have lived up to Turki Alakshikh’s expectations and moves to 15-0 with 11 stoppages. Gwynne slips to 17-3-1 as a professional. His first defeat came to IBF super featherweight champion Joe Cordina. Chamberlain might just be on the way to mixing in similar company.

Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing

10:50 p.m. AST/ 2:50 p.m. ET: Into our next bit of undercard action and it’s an intriguing one. Undefeated and hard punching lightweight Mark Chamberlain is here by request of Saudi boxing head honcho Turki Alalshikh, who apparently loves his all-action style. In the other corner is Wales’ European champion at 135 lbs Gavin Gwynne.

10:15 p.m. AST/ 2:15 p.m. ET: It looked like we were in store for another upset on the undercard as Kevin Lerena laid it on thick during the closing stages against Justis Huni. There’s plenty to work on for the former amateur standout after he was in trouble early and late. He banked enough rounds in between to earn the not by margins of 96-94 and 98-92 (twice).

9:30 p.m. AST/ 1:30 p.m. ET: We’re underway with the main card action, with Australian heavyweight prospect Justis Huni facing South Africa’s Kevin Lerena. It’s been a fast start from Lerena, the more experienced fighter but the underdog going in. He’s jabbing well to the body and appears to have hurt Huni in the second round! Lerena slinging in hooks from both wings and Huni must respond. He does so with a solid uppercut.

9:00 p.m. AST/ 1:00 p.m. ET: There’s been a lot of talk about Joshua’s switch to train with Ben Davison. The fight against Otto Wallin was the first of their partnership and AJ produced his most emphatic display in years. He is far from the only fight to appear revitalised after decamping to the Ben Davison Performance Centre, so what’s the secret. British super featherweight Jordan Gill, who is also coming off a career-best win over Michael Conlan, gave The Sporting News some behind the scenes insight from the hottest gym in the UK.

Ben Davison, Anthony Joshua, Jordan Gill and Leigh Wood

Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing

MORE: Anthony Joshua fight camp for Francis Ngannou, behind the scenes: Study, inspiration and punching harder

8:30 p.m. AST/ 12:30 p.m. ET: A sensational on the undercard as Louis Greene demolishes Jack McGann inside a round!  A good omen for power-punching knockout victories against the odds; a bad omen for MMA fighters crossing over to boxing. McGann’s transition from mixed martial arts has been an impressive one and he defeated Alcibiade Duran, the son of boxing legend Roberto, on the Fury vs. Ngannou undercard. But he never looked comfortable against former Commonwealth super welterweight champion Greene, who took his measure before detonating an explosive right hand to the jaw. McGann gamely got to his feet but the referee wisely concluded that, to all intents and purposes, he was no longer in the room.

8:00 p.m. AST/ 12:00 p.m. ET: Roman Fury moves to 4-0 as a pro with a routine four-round points win over Martin Svarc. Roman has dad John Fury in his corner and unmistakably has the family style in terms of languid moves and quicksilver footwork. He could perhaps do a little more to quicken the pulse and the action got a little scrappy during the second half, perhaps on account of this only being Svarc’s third bout. It was a good advert for journeymen enhancing the schooling of young prospects. Tyson Fury walked his brother into the ring and is beaming with pride at ringside.

7:30 p.m. AST/ 11:30 a.m. ET: Tyson Fury in the house bright and early. His brother Roman is up next on the undercard in his fourth professional fight. Tommy Fury is also at the Kingdom Arena and has called out Conor McGregor to continue an absolutely normal week of matchmaking. I understand there are also people in attendance who aren’t members of the Fury family. More as we get it.

7:00 p.m. AST/ 11:00 a.m. ET: Joshua was the master of all he surveyed in the heavyweight division before Andy Ruiz Jr. stunningly stopped him at Madison Square Garden in June 2019. He two defeats since have come against the often unfathomable skills of Oleksandr Usyk. AJ avenged the Ruiz reverse and it remains his only stoppage loss. Yet questions over the durability of his chin and his reaction under fire remain. Ngannou sound to prick at those when he spoke to The Sporting News this week.

MORE: AJ’s punch resistance questioned by Ngannou

6:30 p.m. AST/ 10:30 a.m. ET: So, today is the day. Will Anthony Joshua get the win he needs for a shot at the undisputed heavyweight title (pending rematch clauses, mandatories and all of that good stuff) or will Francis Ngannou go one better than he did in October against Tyson Fury and cement himself as the arch disruptor of this unprecedented period in heavyweight boxing? Our man Tom Gray is on the ground in Riyadh and has spent time with both fighters taking part in the main event. Irrespective of the unusual nature of tonight’s clash against a novice boxer whose records reads 0-1, two-time unified heavyweight champion Joshua has pledged to be “relentless” tonight.

Anthony Joshua

(Mark Robinson/Matchroom Boxing)

MORE: Anthony Joshua vs. Francis Ngannou: AJ dismisses boxing against MMA narrative, vows to be relentless

6:00 p.m. AST/ 10:00 a.m. ET: Hello and welcome to The Sporting News’ live coverage of Anthony Joshua vs. Francis Ngannou. The two knockout artists top a stacked card in Riyadh Saudi Arabia.

Anthony Joshua and Francis Ngannou staredown

What time is Anthony Joshua vs. Francis Ngannou today? 

  • Event start time: 10 a.m. ET | 9 a.m. CT | 7 a.m. PT
  • Main event start time: approx. 6 p.m. ET | 5 p.m. CT | 3 p.m. PT 

The card starts at 6 p.m. local time (10 a.m. ET). Joshua and Ngannou should make their way to the ring around 2 a.m. local time (6 p.m. ET), depending on how long the undercard fights last.

Here’s a breakdown of Joshua vs. Ngannou start times worldwide:

Region Date Start Time Main Event Ring Walks (approx.)
Saudi Arabia (local) Friday, March 8 6 p.m. AST 2 a.m. AST
USA and Canada (ET) Friday, March 8 10 a.m. ET 6 p.m. ET
USA and Canada (CT) Friday, March 8 9 a.m. CT 5 p.m. CT
USA and Canada (PT) Friday, March 8 7 a.m. PT 3 p.m. PT
Puerto Rico Friday, March 8 11 a.m. EDT 7 p.m. EDT
UK and Ireland Friday, March 8 3 p.m. GMT 11 p.m. GMT
South Africa Friday, March 8 5 p.m. SAST 1 a.m. SAST
India Friday, March 8 8:30 p.m. IST 4:30 a.m. IST
Philippines Friday, March 8 11 p.m. PST 7 a.m. PST
Australia Saturday, March 9 2 a.m. AEDT 10 a.m. AEDT
New Zealand Saturday, March 9 3 a.m. NZST 11 a.m. NZST

How to watch Anthony Joshua vs. Francis Ngannou: TV channel, live stream

Region TV channel Live streaming 
Canada DAZN
UK and Ireland DAZNSky Sports PPV
Australia DAZN

The heavyweight fight will be on DAZN, with the streaming giant and Sky Sports PPV set to share the broadcast in the U.K.

Anthony Joshua vs. Francis Ngannou PPV price

  • U.S. PPV Price: $69.99
  • U.K. PPV Price:  £19.99
    • For existing DAZN subscribers, the U.K. PPV price will be £18.99.
  • DAZN monthly subscription: $19.99 on a 12-month contract or $24.99 month-to-month in U.S. / $24.99 per month in Canada / £9.99 in the U.K. on a 12-month contract or £19.99 month-to-month / 13.99 AUD
  • DAZN annual subscription: $224.99 in U.S., $199.99 in Canada, £99.99 in the UK.

Anthony Joshua vs. Francis Ngannou fight card

  • Anthony Joshua vs. Francis Ngannou; heavyweights
  • Joseph Parker def. Zhilei Zhang (MD 12) to win the interim WBO heavyweight title
  • Rey Vargas (c) drew. Nick Ball (SD 12). Vargas retains his WBC featherweight title 
  • Israil Madrimov def. Magomed Kurbanov (TKO 5/12) to win the WBA vacant super welterweight title 
  • Mark Chamberlain def. Gavin Gwynne (TKO 4/10); lightweights
  • Justis Huni def. Kevin Lerena (UD 10); heavyweights
  • Louis Greene def. Jack McGann (TKO 1/10); super welterweights
  • Roman Fury def. Martin Svarc (PTS 6); cruiserweights
  • Ziyad Almaayouf def. Christian Lopez Flores (PTS 6); super lightweights
  • Andrii Novytskyi def. Juan Torres (KO 3/8); heavyweights

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