Analyzing the Battle between Canelo Alvarez and Jermell Charlo

Retired boxer Tim Bradley has never been one to shy away from expressing his thoughts, and this week is no different. With the highly anticipated showdown between undisputed super middleweight King, Canelo Alvarez, and undisputed junior middleweight champion Jermell Charlo scheduled for this Saturday night in Las Vegas, many fans and analysts believe Charlo has a good chance at pulling off an upset. However, Bradley begs to differ, confidently stating, “I think he’s going to slowly break down Charlo and probably stop him late.”

Bradley acknowledges Charlo’s talent but believes that this fight will come down to a matter of size. Comparing the current situation to a finely tuned Porsche with a sofa on top, Bradley illustrates that Charlo’s move up two weight divisions to face Canelo will affect his performance significantly. Fighting at a higher weight than usual raises questions about Charlo’s capabilities for this match.

“While we know what we’re going to get from Canelo Alvarez without a doubt,” says Bradley, he argues that the same cannot be said about Charlo. Bradley remains unconvinced that the weight jump will prove beneficial for Charlo when facing a skilled fighter like Canelo. Suggestions of Charlo targeting Canelo’s body as a strategy were met with lukewarm enthusiasm by Bradley. “No one’s ever really committed down to Canelo’s body,” he claims, adding, “I think it’s gutsy, but at the same time, I think it’s dangerous.”

Bradley believes that to defeat Canelo, fighters need to employ a specific strategy. He asserts that they should focus on getting in and out quickly while relying on a great jab, excellent footwork, and counterpunching skills. Bradley points to two fighters who successfully bested Canelo, Floyd Mayweather and Bivol, as examples. According to Bradley, there are two blueprints available to beat Canelo, further emphasizing that Bivol had to throw 700 punches to secure his victory.

Bradley admits that Charlo does have a chance this weekend, albeit not a substantial one. While many fans and analysts remain hopeful for an upset, Bradley’s analysis suggests that Charlo’s size disadvantage and Canelo’s proven skill set make it an uphill battle for Charlo. Nevertheless, the anticipation for the battle between these two undisputed champions continues to build, and fight night will reveal whether Charlo can defy the odds.

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